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Five sugar cookies
With frosting galore
Mother ate one
Then there was _____.

Four sugar cookies
Two and two, you see.
Father ate one
Then there was_____.

Three sugar cookies
And before I knew
Sister ate one
Then there was _____.

Two sugar cookies
Oh, what fun.
Brother ate one
Then there was _____.

One sugar cookie
I’ll grab it and run.
When I eat it,
There will be none!
                        Jean Warren

Tune: "Up On The House Top" 
Out in the kitchen, we're having fun,
Frosting cookies, one by one.
Some we make red and some are green.
These are the best you've ever seen.
Ho, ho, ho, watch us go,
Some with sprinkles, some with snow.
Out in the kitchen, we're having fun,
Frosting cookies, one by one!
© Jean Warren

Gingerbread, gingerbread, Gingerbread Man,
I'm going to make you, if I can.
I'll stir the ingredients in one by one.
Then I'll roll out the dough, oh what fun!

Next, I'll press a cookie cutter, down in the dough,
Then , put you on a baking sheet, just like so.
Next, I'll bake you in the oven until you're done.
Then, set you on the counter and watch you run.

Run, run Gingerbread Man
But I'll catch you, if I can.
Then, I'll eat you, yum, yum, yum.
You'll taste good, in my tum!
© Jean Warren

First we add the butter and we mash it, mash it.
Then we add the sugar and we blend it, blend it.
Then we add the eggs and we whip it, whip it.
Then we add the flour and we stir it, stir it.
Then we make a ball and we roll it, roll it.
Then we choose a cutter and we cut it, cut it.
Then we set out a cookie sheet and we place it, place it.
Then we bake it in the oven and we smell it, smell it.
Then we set it on a rack and we cool it, cool it.
Then we pop it in our mouth and we eat it, eat it.
© Jean Warren

Tune: "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again"
The cookies are marching into town, hooray, hooray.
They are marching in a great big Holiday Parade.
Some are round and some are square.
Some have frosting in their hair.
Oh, we're oh so glad that they could come today.
The cookies are waving at everyone, hooray, hooray.
We hope the cookies will want to, stay, today.
Some are big and some are small.
Some are short and some are tall.
Oh, we're oh so glad that dessert has come today!
© Jean Warren

Have your children act out the Cookie Parade with some children being the cookies and some children being the bystanders. You can make costumes but they are not necessary.
At the end of the performance, have the cookies react to being eaten, by getting scared and turning around and running off the stage.