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Last night or the night before,
Twenty-four gremlins came knocking at my door.
I gave them candy but they wanted more.
I didn’t know what to do, so I shut the door!
Jean Warren


This is a singing game. It requires a small broom.
Have children stand in a circle. Pass the broom from one child to the next.
This may or may not be an elimination game, as you choose.

Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

Pass the witch’s broomstick ‘round the circle here.
While you hear the music playing, do not fear.
But if the music stops, or if the broomstick drops,
You will ride the broomstick while the goblins cheer!

Author Unknown


The man in the moon looked down one night
And he saw a scary sight.
Monsters in masks running around
Knocking on doors all over town.

Something was missing, something was wrong.
Where had all the children gone?

The man in the moon was worried, then he saw the feet
Of children sticking out of the monster’s sheets.

The children had been abducted, it was a scary scene.
Then all of a sudden, he remembered, tonight was Halloween!
Jean Warren

Tune: "This Old Man"

Small green bike, it brought one
Trick-or-treater, dressed for fun
With a knock, knock here
And a bag full of treats
The green bike went down the street.

Little red car, it brought two
Trick-or-treaters, dressed in blue.
With a knock, knock here
And two bags full of treats
The red car went down the street.

Big yellow van, it brought three
Trick-or-treaters, dressed like bees.
With a knock, knock here
And three bags full of treats
The yellow van went down the street.

Big blue truck, it brought four
Trick-or-treaters to my door.
With a knock, knock here
And four bags full of treats
The blue truck went down the street.
Jean Warren



Tune: "Teddy Bear's Picnic"
If you should go outside tonight
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you should go from door to door
You'll see goblins on every side.
Ghosts and Spidermen, Pirates, too
Firemen, Queens and Kangaroos.
Tonight's the night, the Goblins
Are out to trick you!
Jean Warren