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Help your child create some home made instruments to use in a band with their friends.


Bongo Drum - Tape together two empty circular oatmeal boxes. Beat with your hands.
Base Drum - Turn a cooking pan over and beat on the bottom of it with a wooden spoon.
Triangle - Tie a string around the top of a wire coat hanger and bend the hook closed. Hold onto the string and hit the hanger with a metal spoon.
Guitar - Wrap rubber bands around a small sturdy topless box. Child plays the guitar by strumming her fingers across the rubber bands.
Shakers - Place rice or beans inside small plastic bottles or cups with lids. Secure the lids with tape if necessary.

Making home made instruments is a great activity when young friends are visiting. Let each child choose and make an instrument. Then play some marching music for them to play and march with or have them play and march while you sing the following song.


Sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle"

Little musicians went to town
Playing in a band.
They made music as they went
All across the land.

Hear their music loud and clear
Hear their marching feet.
I just love to hear the band
Marching down the street!

Jean Warren


Children are natural music makers.
Encourage yours to make up their own songs and rhythms
to tell others about how they feel or what they enjoy.