Boy with mirror

I LOOK IN THE MIRROR  (Language/Body Parts/Movement)
Let your children take turns standing in front of a full-length mirror and acting out the following rhyme:
I look in the mirror and what do I see?
I see my eyes blinking at me.

 Continue with more rhyming lines, such as “I see my mouth smiling at me,” “ I see my head nodding at me,” “I see my hands waving at me,” and  “I see my toes wiggling at me.”  Encourage your children to make up other body movement rhymes, if they wish.

SEE NOW WHAT I CAN DO  (Music/Movement)
Tune: “Hokey-Pokey”

I can reach up high,
I can reach down low. 
I can clap, clap fast,
I can clap…clap…slow.
I can jump up and down,
I can twirl all around.
See now what I can do!
                  Elizabeth Scofield

Invite your children to act out the song as you sing. Then repeat the song, substituting other action words for “reach” and “clap,” such as “look” or “dance.”

FAVORITE THINGS SONG  (Music/Preferences)

Tune: “The Paw-Paw Patch”

(Bella) likes pizza, how about you?
(Bella) likes pizza, how about you?
(Bella) likes pizza, how about you?
How many people like pizza, too?  (Raise hands.)
                                      Liz Ryerson           

Sing a verse of the song for each child, substituting his or her favorite food for “pizza.” Or sing about other categories, such as my favorite toy, color, or animal.