When January comes, I like to go
Out to play in the cold white snow.

I wear my boots and a warm wool hat
And make snow angles, just like that!

Then with my sister - we build a man
Made of snow - with sticks for hands.

But soon, the snow begins to fall
And we hear - our mother call.

We go inside - where it’s nice and warm,
And drink hot chocolate – while we watch the storm.

The snowflakes fall - all through the night
New snow,  new snow - by mornings light!
                                                            Jean Warren

When February comes, I hope to find,
My mailbox filled with valentines.

Now’s the time for everyone
To all join in - the special fun.

First, you cut out hearts of red
And lay them on a doily bed.

Then, you secure them with some glue
And write on them, “I Love You”.

What a special time of year,
Remembering loved ones, oh so dear.
                                                Jean Warren

When March blows in, I love to fly
My special kite up in the sky.
Up, up it goes, around and around,
While I hold on, back on the ground.

Clouds are blowing, rainbows showing.
Green grass growing, creeks a flowing.

Leprechauns dancing, feet a prancing,
Music fills the air.

What a special time of year,
When signs of spring, appear!

When April comes, I pack my gear
So I’ll be ready when showers appear.
I love to splash in puddles all day,
I feel just like a duck, at play.

April is also the time of year,
When baby animals - first appear.
The chicks, the bunnies, the baby ewes,
All so cute, all so new!

What a special time of year.
With all things fresh, and new, and dear.
                                                            Jean Warren

When it’s May, I like to go
Out to watch the flowers grow.

I see the butterflies, flying around
Landing on flowers without a sound.

I see the bees buzzing around
The flowers in trees and on the ground.

I see the baby birds, safe in their nests.
Waiting to give their wings a test.

What a special time of year,
That summer time is almost here!

But the very best thing in May,
Is that we celebrate – Mother’s Day!
                                                Jean Warren

When June comes around, I like to go
Out in the yard and try to blow –
Great big bubbles in the sky
And watch them float, way up high.

I like to lie out, face down on the ground
And search for bugs that crawl around.

I like to grab a garden hose
And water the flowers and even my toes.

But most of all, I love to play
With my bat and ball all day.

June is special in many ways,
Starry nights and sunny days.

June is also the time to say,
“I love you dad, Happy Father’s Day!”
                                                Jean Warren

When July comes, I march around,
Like the people in parades, I see in town.
I decorate my wagon, just for fun
And wave a flag at everyone.

And when we celebrate the Fourth of July,
I see fireworks bursting, in the sky.
We always have picnics and races, too
And everyone dresses in red, white and blue.

And when the weather gets too hot to play,
I jump in water and splash all day.
I love July, it’s so cool?
Especially, because there is no school!
                                                           Jean Warren

When August comes, the days are hot
And nice cold lemonade, hits the spot!

Now is the time, when I walk on the beach
And feel the sand between my feet.
I like to build castles, way up tall
As I listen to the seagulls call.

The hazy days of summer come,
As August stretches in the sun.
I love to sit and read my book,
Under a tree, or near a brook.

August is that special time,
Before you hear the school bells chime!
                                                Jean Warren

September brings us cooler days.
Summer toys are packed away.
Now the leaves are falling down,
Red, yellow, orange and brown.

Soon the school doors will open wide,
I can’t wait to be inside.
I’ll see my friends and teachers, too
I’ll show them everything, that’s new.

At school I love the stories and rhymes,
The art, the puzzles and music time.
I love the days when they start to cool,
I love when it’s time - to go back to school.
                                               Jean Warren

When October rolls around,
I find leaves and apples - on the ground.

The days are sunny, the nights are cold.
The moon looks like a ball of gold.

Delicious spices fill the air,
Donuts and cider are nightly fare.

I light my Jack-o’-lantern - every night,
And watch the bats and ghosts take flight.

On Halloween night, I love watching the street,
As monsters parade by, on tiny feet! 
                                                       Jean Warren

When November comes, we have to hurry,
Getting ready, in case of snow flurries.

Dad fixes the leaks and chops the wood.
Mom buys warm blankets and coats with hoods.

We clean the house, until it shines
Getting ready for Thanksgiving time.

Pies and turkeys we cook and bake,
With flowers and candles we decorate.

What a wonderful time of year,
With family and friends and lots of good cheer.
                                                            Jean Warren

We wait for December all year long.
It’s the month for presents and holiday songs.

It’s a time of giving, a time of joy,
A time for every girl and boy.

December is a time of wishes.
A time for parties and holiday dishes.

I just love December days.
When I hear from friends - far away.

But the real December magic - comes at night,
When I dream by the fire and the twinkling lights.
                                                                        Jean Warren