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By Jean Warren


WHILE RIDING IN THE CAR - Point out that the bus is "next to" the car. Or "listen carefully" for the sound of the siren. Or "sit up straight and tall". Or look at the cow "alongside" the road.

WHILE AT THE GROCERY STORE - Point out that the cans of soup are "in a row". Or "keep your hands to your sides" as we walk down the aisle. Or - the bread is just "around the corner".

AT THE MOVIES - Point out that the people waiting in line are in "two rows". Or - we should walk "single file" down the aisle. Or - we must get "in the back" of the line. Or - Let's "remain seated" until the lights come on.

AT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE - Point out that you have to park "in the rear" of the building. Or - that the Doctor takes patients "one at a time". Or "push your chair in" when you leave.

AT HOME - Point out that their toy car is "at the bottom" of their toy box. Or - can you put your cars "in a row"? Or - "Get ready" for lunch. Or - put your trike "between" the bikes.