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This game teaches sorting as well as opposites.
Set out two large pieces of paper.  One labeled “Old” and one labeled “New”.
Cut out magazine pictures of items that are obviously new and items that are obviously old.
Mount the pictures on index cards and put them in a pile.
To play the game, let your children take turns selecting pictures, deciding if they show old or new items, and then placing the pictures on the appropriate paper.
You will need empty egg cartons, small treats and squares of colored foil paper for this activity.
Give each child an egg carton, 12 small treats and 12 2-inch square pieces of colored foil.
Show your children how to wrap their treats in their foil squares and secure them with pieces of tape.
Then have them place their wrapped treats in the cups of their egg cartons.
When everyone is done, have the children count together the number of treats in their carton.
Twelve days before New Year’s, let your children take their egg carton “calendars” home.
Include a note to parents asking them to help the children remove one treat each day and then count the remaining treats to see how many days are left until the end of the year.

Let your children use unwanted calendars for these activities.
Sort numerals cut from several calendar pages into matching piles.
Color in the squares on a calendar page to make patterns, such as, one red, one blue, one red, one blue, etc.
Dictate a story about a calendar picture for you to write down on large paper. Tape the picture to the story.