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Have your children stand in a circle.
Tell them that they are beautiful racing ponies, that run to the beat of a drum.
Sit in the middle of the circle with a drum.
First beat the drum slowly with a steady beat.
Have the ponies start slowly walking around the circle.
Next, beat the drum a little faster, as ponies start to run.
Finally, beat fast, as ponies gallop around the circle.
Continue, alternating between fast, medium and slow as long as interest lasts.
Variations: Let your children take turns beating the drum for the ponies.

Have your children sit in a circle.
Sit in the middle of the circle with a drum.
Hand a wooden pipe to one child and start beating the drum.
As long as you are drumming, the children pass the pipe quickly around the circle.
When you stop drumming, the child with the pipe, takes a turn in the middle beating the drum.
Continue while interest lasts.
Stand in front of your children and tap the drum in a distinct pattern.
Encourage your children to clap their hands to the beat of your drum.
You may want to tap out the syllables in the names of the children or other important people or things.
For Thanksgiving, you could tap out the word “Thanksgiving” plus some of the traditional meal selections for the day, such as “pumpkin pie”.