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You will need some green play money and some play gold coins for this game.
Hide the green and gold money around your room. 
If you don’t have play money or play gold, you can make gold paper circles and green paper dollar bills.
Have your child or children pretend to be Leprechauns hunting for gold.
Give them a small sack to put their treasure in.
When they are done, have them sit down and count out how much money they found.
If you have a black pot, let them count as they drop their money into the pot.
This is a group game.
Have your children sit in a circle.

Play music and let them pass around a potato that they pretend is hot.

Children pass the potato as fast as they can.
Whenever you stop the music, the child holding the potato puts it in the center of the circle and does a jig.
Then pick up the potato, hand it to another child and begin the game again.

Play an “I Spy” game with your child or children.
Let them take turns finding a green object and saying, “I spy something green, can you guess what it is”?
Have the rest of the children or you, try to guess what the object is.
Be sure there are many green things in your room before playing this game.
Continue letting everyone have a turn, yourself included.

Collect three of four different kinds of green leaves.
Set them on a table and let your child sort them by kind.