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Cut a hole large enough for a child’s hand out of one end of a shoebox.
Place an object inside of the box and put the lid on.
Have the child put his or her hand through the hole in the box, feel the object and try to guess what it is.
After the child guesses correctly, put a new item in the box and let another child have a turn.

Cut two squares out of each of several different textured fabrics.
Use such fabrics as silk, flannel, lace, corduroy, terry cloth and fake fur.
Set out the squares.
Blindfold one child at a time and have him or her try to find the matching squares by touch.

Fill a box with a variety of hard and soft objects.
Use such hard objects as a block, a marble, a coin, a crayon, an empty spool and a rock.
Use such soft objects as a cotton ball, a piece of fabric, a sponge, a piece of play dough and a stuffed animal.
Have the children empty the objects out on the floor or a table.
Then let them sort the items into two piles.

Collect eight small opaque plastic bottles with lids.
Fill two bottles with beans, two with rice, two with salt and two with flour.
Tape on the lids and mix up the bottles.
Let the children shake the bottles to find the matching sounds.

Give each child a color.
Then tell a story filled with color references.
When a child hears his color mentioned in the story, he raises his hand.

You will need six small jars, six cotton balls and three fragrances such as perfume, onion juice and lemon juice.
Put each fragrance on two of the cotton balls.
Then place a cotton ball in each of the jars.
Mix up the jars.
Let the children sniff all of the jars and try to find the ones with the matching scents.

Blindfold your children one at a time and give them a taste test.
You could give them two small drinks and ask which one is the sweetest, or which one is the most sour.
You could also give them two chips or crackers and ask which one is the plain one and which one is the cheese flavored one.
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