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Have your children take turns rolling a die and counting the dots shown.
Then, have them hop that many times.
Who hopped the furthest?
Repeat game if interest lasts.

Have your child or children act out the following rhyme.

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny
Tap your toes,
Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny
Wiggle your nose.

           Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny
           Climb to the top.
           Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny
           Hop, hop, hop.

           Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny
           Jump, jump, jump.
           Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny
           Wiggle your rump.
                                    Jean Warren

Can you think of more fun action movements?

Draw and cut out a large sitting bunny shape.
Tape the shape to a wall (child height).
Give each child a large cotton ball with rolled tape attached.
One at a time, blindfold the children, spin them around and have them try to stick their tail onto the bunny shape.

Children line up in two lines, forming two teams.
Give each child an egg.  Eggs can be raw or hardboiled, depending on the children.
Give the first two children a soup spoon.
Children place an egg in a spoon and run or walk quickly to the finish line, where two baskets have been placed.
Each child gently places his egg in the basket, without using his hands.
Children then run back to their line and give the next child in line, their spoon.
The game continues until one team has all their eggs in their basket.
For this game, you will need to buy plastic colored eggs or else dye hardboiled eggs in a variety of colors.
First, hide the eggs in your yard.
Give each child a small basket with a colored bow on top, matching one of the colors of your eggs.
Have the children go on an egg hunt.
Children can only take eggs that match the color of the ribbon on their basket.
Find a small plastic jar and place 5-10 jellybeans in the jar.
Have your children take turns trying to guess how many beans are in the jar.
Did anyone come close?
Take the beans out and let your children count them one by one.
This is a game for a large group of children.
Sit in a circle on the floor.
Choose one child, who goes outside of the circle and begins walking around the circle.
Recite the following rhyme and have the chosen child choose another child to join her.

One little chick went out to play
On a sunny springtime day.
She was having such a good time,
She asked a friend to get in line.
(Continue with the second child choosing another child)
Two little chicks went out to play
On a sunny springtime day.
They were having such a good time,
They asked another friend to get in line.
                    Adapted Traditional
(Continue until all children are walking around the circle.)