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Popcorn Sort - sort colored popcorn kernels.
Colored Sticks – sort colored craft sticks or toothpicks.
Sock Sort – sort different colored socks.
Egg Match – place 6 different colored plastic eggs down one row in an egg carton.  Have your child match up six more colored eggs.
Color Train – make a color domino game for your child to play with you.
Color Bingo – make a color bingo or lotto game to play.
Jelly Bean Colors – sort colored jelly beans.

Colored Paper Shapes – sort colored paper shapes.

Crayon Match-ups – take 4-8 different colored crayons.  Lay them on a piece of paper and draw around each crayon and fill in the shape using that crayon.  Have your child take the crayons and paper and lay the correct crayon on top of the colored crayon shapes.
Clothes Pin Color Match-up – Color 8 sections on a paper plate, different colors.  Color 8 snap-on clothespins the same 8 colors.  Have your child match up the colors by snapping the clothespins on it’s corresponding section of the plate.