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Color Search – look for a certain color of objects in a room.
Color Table – set up a table with a specific color cloth and have your children find items of that color to place on the table.
Color Box – same as above but the items are placed in a colored box.
Fishing – have your child fish for a certain color of paper fish, using paper clips on the fish and a pole with a magnet on the end.
Color Puzzles – Cut a large shape out of a heavy piece of colored paper.  Then cut the shape into 4-8 pieces.  Have your child put the pieces back together.
Button Jar – have your child guess how many buttons there are in the jar of a certain color. Dump out the buttons, and have your child sort and count them.
Color Cars – when riding in a car, search for cars of a certain color.
Color Toss – toss a bean bag at color squares and try to land on a given color.
Color Squares – cut out squares of different colors, have your child sort out a specific color of square.
Color Shades – get paint shade cards, two of four to five different colors.  Have your child find the matching cards of a specific color.
Colored Eyes – count the number of people in your house with a specific eye color.