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One child is chosen to be the farmer and leaves the room or hides his eyes.
One child is chosen to be the “gobbling turkey”.
All children cover their noses and mouths with their hands and waddle around the room.
Every once in a while the “gobbling turkey” gobble, gobbles.
The farmer gets two guesses to find the “gobbling turkey”.
INDIAN STONE GAME (simplified version)
Cut out five cardboard circles (poker chips could also be used).
On one side of three stones draw a moon and a star on the other side.
Place the stones in a small basket.
Have players take turns, shaking the stones up in the basket and then dumping them on the floor or table.
Players get one point for each moon and two points for each star.
Everyone helps the player count her points.
When everyone has had a turn, the player with the most points, wins.
In case of a tie, have tying players take another turn.
Note: You may want to pass out markers to each child to help them remember how many points they have.
You will need a basket cornucopia and some small plastic fruit and vegetables for this game.
Hold up the basket and have your children take turns tossing five fruits and vegetables into the basket.
Who got the most. Continue while interest lasts.