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For this activity you need a group of five or more children.
Practice with the children how to make different barnyard animal sounds, such as pigs, cows, horses, sheep, ducks and chicks.
Choose one child to be a mother animal, such as a mother cow, and go out of the room.
Have the remaining children pretend to be different baby animals, each making different animal sounds.
Have the mother cow come back into the room, saying “moo, moo”.
Have her go around the room listening to the baby animals, trying to identify her baby by the sound he is making.
Continue the game, choosing other mother animals to look for their babies.
This game requires five to ten children to play.
Have your children form a circle.
Choose one child to be a mouse and go out of the room.
Choose one of the children in the circle to be the cat.
Have the mouse come back in and proceed to walk around the back of the circle.
The mouse tries to get back to his hole (place in the circle) before the cat catches him.
If the cat catches him, the cat gets to be the mouse in the next game, and the mouse goes back to his place in the circle.
Continue by having the new mouse go out of the room while you choose a new cat.

Using small index cards, draw or glue on pictures of mother and baby animals each on separate cards.
Mix up the cards and have your child match up baby animals with their mothers.
Variation: You can often buy sets of cards with Momma and Baby animals.