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Give your child a 12” piece of string or yarn.
Have them practice making different shapes with their piece of string.

Set out some play dough and some shape cookie cutters.
Have your child make dough shapes.
Be sure to have your child name each of the shapes they have made.
You will need to make game boards for this game.
Game boards can be made by dividing a large index card into 9 sections.
Draw a different shape in each square. Mix up the shape placement on each card.
Now make a set of cards with pictures of the 9 shapes.
Each child takes a game card.
One person is the game caller.
The game caller, turns the small shape cards over on a table and mixes them up.
They then turn over a card and the other players use a paper marker to cover that shape up on their game board.
Game caller continues turning over shape cards.
The first child to get three shapes in a row covered up, is the winner.
Note: Be sure all children know the names of each shape before beginning the game.

Select 10 index cards and divide them into pairs.
On each pair print a different shape. Two circle, two squares, etc.
Mix up the cards and place them face down on the floor.
Let one child begin by turning up two cards.
If the letters match, let the child deep the cards.
If the letters don’t match, have the child replace both cards face down exactly where they were before.
Continue the game until all the cards have been matched.
Then let the child who ended up with the most cards have the first turn when you start the game again.
Making the Cards
Make 36 (2” x 1”) cards of heavy paper.
Divide each card into two sections.
Make domino type cards using combinations of 8 different shapes.
Start with eight cards.
Choose one shape and put that shape on one side of each card with a different shape on the other side, plus one with both sides having the shape.
Now take 7 cards and repeat the process with another shape paired with the remaining six shapes and one double.
Now take 6 cards and continue the process, until you have all combinations.

Playing the Game
Place all of the card game pieces on the floor and turn them over and mix them up.
Divide the cards among the players.
Have one child start the train by placing a card on the floor face up.
Now the next player looks at his shape cards for a card he can use to hook up to the train on the floor.
If a child has a turn but cannot find an appropriate card to hook on to the train, they must pass their turn.
Children continue connecting and having turns until all the cards have been played, or until one child uses all his cards.

Make a simple game board for your child. You will need a large piece of tag board or cardboard (approx. 12” x 18”) plus some small plain index cards.
Lay out the board and write “START” at the bottom and “FINISH” at the top.
Next, draw a 1” curvy road back and forth across your board, starting at the Start sign and ending at the Finish sign.
Section off the road with lines drawn every one inch.
Now, draw a geometric shape in each square; such as; a circle, a square, a triangle and a rectangle.
Next, take 12 – 16 index cards and draw equal numbers of pictures of these four shapes on the cards.
Finally, turn the cards over and mix them up and stack them.
The game can be played with 2-4 players.
Give each child a small toy animal marker.
Have each child take turns drawing a card from the card pile and moving his or her marker to the next shape square on the board that matches the one on the card drawn.
If cards run out, reshuffle them and use again.
The object of the game is to reach the finish line first.

Make another set of shape cards using index cards.
Then, cut each card in half through the center of each drawn shape.
Mix up the paper halves and have your child put the shapes back together again.
Store halves in a small zip-lock bag.
Variation: You can often buy sets of cards with Momma and Baby animals.

Cut large geometric shapes out of different colored posterboard.
Then, cut each shape into 4-6 piece puzzles.
Place each puzzle in a zip-lock bag for storage.
Let your child choose a bag, then complete the puzzle.
Have child identify each shape he makes from the pieces.
Variation: You can often buy sets of cards with Momma and Baby animals.

Cut out a variety of 1-3” shapes from light weight cardboard (such as old cereal boxes). Include circles, triangles, squares and rectangles of various sizes.
Give the pieces to your child and encourage him to make shape pictures with the shapes. (This was a favorite in our house when my children were small.)
Store pieces in a zip-lock bag.
VARIATION: This activity can also be done with a felt board and felt shapes.