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Gathering Nuts
Toddlers especially love this activity. Place some large uncracked nuts into a basket. Toss out the nuts and let your children gather them up. Then have them place them back into your basket. Repeat the activity as long as interest lasts. Have older children count their nuts before returning them to your basket.
Nut Toss
Large walnuts work great for this game. Set out a pan or bucket and let your children take turns trying to toss the nuts into the container. Determine how far back each child should stand, depending on their abilities.
Nut Toss 2

Take a large thin rope and spiral it around loosely on your floor. Have your children stand back a few feet and take turns tossing nuts at the spiral. The object of the game is to get your nut the closest to the center of the spiral.
Egg Carton Nut Game
For this game, you will need an empty egg carton, a marking pen and a nut. Take the pen and write a number from 1-4 inside each cup (on the sides or on the bottom). Hand the nut to a child and have him place it into the carton and close. Then have the child shake the carton, so that the nuts moves around. Then open the carton and see what number the nut landed on. Pass out stickers or other small treats according to the number in the cup. Continue with other children.
Sorting Nuts

A pound of unshelled mixed nuts from the grocery store can be the source of a great learning experience for your preschool children. Give them the nuts and ask them to sort the nuts by type. Learning to recognize likes and differences in objects is a great pre-reading activity.