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Sew some large colored buttons (red, yellow, orange, pink, purple) onto a 18" x 18" piece of felt.
Wrap the felt around a piece of cardboard and glue or tape securely.
Next, using a piece of red, yellow, orange, pink and purple felt, cut out simple flower shapes.
Fold each of the flower shapes in half and make a small button hole slit in each one.
Set out the button board and the felt flowers.
Have your child take the flowers and button them to the buttons, matching the button color and the color of each flower.
Have your child close his eyes.
Set out some flower scented items, or real flowers.
Hold the scents up to your child's nose, one at a time.
Have him try to identify the flower by it's smell.
Set out 5 water glasses.
Number the glasses 1-5.
Set out 15 fake flowers.
Have your child place the number of flowers in each glass according to the number written on the glass.