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Give your child a small chalkboard or tablet and crayon.
Think of an object that is common as you drive along, such as stop signs.
Have your child make an x every time she spots the object named.
Call "Stop" after two minutes or so and ask her to count how many she spotted.
Continue game with another object.
Ask your child a question about something in the car, that she can't see. Such as, there is something blue on the seat next to me. What is it? Can she guess?
Continue with the game by having her ask a question about something that is in the back seat area. Can you guess what it is?
You can ask each other to name objects, but you can also ask them to tell you the color or number of something you can see.
Looking for letters as you drive along is great for children just learning to read.
Have your child look for the letters in his name.
Call out a letter and see who can find one first.
Look for words in signs that your child may know what they say.
Pick two letters, such as; P & B.
Look for an objects that starts with P - such as "Pig".
Then look for an object that starts with B - such as "Bike"
Now put the two words together - Pig Bike.
What would it look like?
Sing repetitious songs, such as "Old Mac Donald" or "The Farmer In The Dell"
Give your child some Bubble wrap to pop.
Carry a book bag for the car.
Take along a felt board for travel fun.