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You will need sturdy paper shapes or magnet shapes for this games. Game can be played with three people but two is best.
Cut out sturdy paper shapes, such as circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares, half –circles and arches. Make various sizes of the shapes.
Place the shapes in a bag, and let each person playing the game pull out four shapes.
The first person, lays a shape in the middle of the table. The next person adds a shape to the first shape.
Continue taking turns, adding on to the table object.
The game can stop at any time when someone recognizes an object in the joint shapes.

Variation: You can also play this game, where everyone draw out six to eight shapes and makes an object using some or all of the shapes he drew out of the bag. Other children try to guess what object he has made.
This is a fun game to play with your child when you have to wait for something. You will need a pad of paper and a pencil or pen.
Draw a line on a piece of paper.
Have your child add a line or shape to your line.
Continue taking turns creating a picture.
Each time your child adds something, try to add something else that lends itself to a known object or scene.


Materials: For this game you will need a ball of play dough or clay and a stack of cards with pictures of animals on them.
Three to four players sit around a table with a stack of cards (up-side-down) and a ball of clay in the middle of the table.
Each player takes a turn drawing a card, looking at the picture and then laying the card down so the others can not see it.
Then the player takes the clay and starts to make a clay model of the animal.
The other players, then try to guess what animal the child is making.
If no one guesses after 2-3 minutes, the player, turns her card over for everyone to see.
There are no real winners or losers in this game, just a lot of fun.

Materials: For this game, you will need some small craft sticks and picture cards (with pictures of geometric shaped objects, such as, evergreen trees, teepee type tents, houses, boxes, blocks, etc.
Set out the cards (up-side-down) and the craft sticks.
Three to four players sit at a table and choose one person to begin.
The first player, draws a card but doesn't show it to the others.
Then, he takes the craft sticks and builds the object out of the sticks.
Others try to guess what the object is.
If no one guesses the object after about three minutes, the player turns over his card and another player takes a turn.