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Print out 4 or 5 copies of the two smaller shamrock patterns.
Have your children color or paint them green.
Then cut out the shamrocks.
Mix up the shamrocks and let your child sort them into piles by size.

You can make a color rainbow puzzle for your child by using a 9 x 12 white piece of poster board.
Lay the cardboard sideways and draw a large arc using the bottom edge of the paper as the bottom of the arc.
With a pencil, mark off 12 inches on the bottom and draw pencil arcs connecting the first and last inch mark & so on making 6 (1 inch) arcs.
Cut out the six arcs and color the largest one red, the next largest orange, then yellow, green, blue and purple for the last arc.
Throw away the inner arc and the other left-over papers.
Mix up the arcs and give them to your child.
Have him find the smallest arc (the purple one) and then place the other arcs on top, creating a rainbow of color arcs.
Read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Then play a fun size game with your children.
Set out 3 bowls of different sizes.
Have your child decide which bowl would belong to the Baby Bear, which bowl would belong to the Mama Bear and which bowl would belong to Papa Bear.
Continue with other set of objects of different sizes, such as; 3 spoons, 3 cups, 3 pillows and 3 books.
Print out a large, medium and small kite pattern.
Let your child color the kites and then help her cut them out.
Next, give her a large piece of blue paper and some paste.
Have her glue the kites onto the paper.
Next, give her 3 yarn kite strings, cut in 3 different lengths.
Have her measure the strings next to each other and glue the biggest string to the biggest kite, the medium string to the medium kite and the smallest string to the smallest kite.