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For this activity you will need a medium sized food strainer with handle and some construction paper.
Cut out 5-8 small butterflies from the construction paper.
Take the butterflies and the strainer outside with your child.
Give the strainer to your child and have her use it like a butterfly net.
Throw up the butterflies, one or more at a time, and have her try to catch them.
This is especially fun on a windy day.

For this game, you will need a tennis ball and a badmitten racket
Give the racket to your child and have him stand on a hard surface.
Toss the ball down, so that it will bounce back up in front of your child.
Have him try to hit the ball with the racket.
 VARIATION:If you don't have a badmitten racket, you can make a racket out of a wire coat hanger and a piece of nylon stocking.
First, bend the bottom of a wire coat hanger into a circle.
Squeeze the hook on the hanger down, so that it lies flat.
Then, cover the circle with a piece of nylon stocking.
Finally, wrap tape around the handle, securing the nylon and the end of the hook to the handle.
Give your child a paper cup and a ping pong or other small ball.
Have your child place the ball into the cup.
Then, have her toss the ball up into the air and try to catch it back into the cup as it falls.