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Purchase a section of hose from a hardware store. Let your children take turns holding one end of the hose by their ears while you talk through the other end of the hose, giving them a command such as these:
Stand on one foot.
Skip to the door.
Clap your hands.
Have them hand the hose to the next child, then do what you commanded.
Children today are still delighted with simple tin can telephones. You can make a set for your children with two empty tin cans that have smooth edges.
Punch holes in the bottom of the cans.
Thread twelve feet of wire through the holes.
Wind each end in and out of a button, which acts as a stopper.
One child talks into his can while the other child holds his can over his ear to listen.
The vibrations travel along the taut wire.
Take your children to an area with lots of room.
Have them pretend to be robots.
Program your "robots" to go straight when they hear one beep, turn around when they hear two beeps and stop when they hear three beeps.
Beep once to start your robots.
Have then continue walking straight until they hear tow or three beeps.
Instruct them to simply walk in place if they are in danger of colliding with someone or something.
Beep twice to have them turn around or three time to stop.
Encourage them to listen carefully for the beeps.
Extension: As your children become more skilled, add more "programming," such as turning right when they hear one whistle, turning left when they hear three clasps and so on.