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Big and Small
Let your child help you sort the laundry by size-big socks and small socks, big and small shirts, big and small pants, and so on. Find other things in your home that are big and small.

Up and Down
There are lots of opportunities to teach about up and down throughout the day. When you are climbing stairs, say "Up, up, up" as you walk up the stairs and "Down, down, down" as you walk down the stairs. If you are in a building with an elevator or an escalator, take the time to ride them up and down. Help your child notice that when you are going up, you are getting higher, and that when you are going down, you are getting lower. At the park, your child can climb up the stairs to the top of the slide, then slide down.
In and Out
Place a large plastic hoop (or a length of yarn arranged in a circle) on the floor. Have your child jump in and out of the hoop. Then let your child toss rolled up socks in and out of the hoop.
Stop and Go
Collect two plain paper plates. Let your child help you color one paper plate red and the other plate green. Use the plates for a Stop and Go game. Hold up the green paper plate and have your child move all around the room. Hold up the red paper plate and have your child stop. Ask your child to stay in place until you hold up the green paper plate again. Repeat many times. If you wish, let your child hold up the plates for you.