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Helping your child learn to follow directions in a fun, non-threatening way not only increases his thinking and problem-solving skills but it also helps him understand prepositions and there relationship to one another.

Spread out a square napkin on a table. Now, using small blocks, have your child place one block in each corner of the napkin. Continue with other directions, such as;
Make a stack of blocks, 4 blocks high in the center of the napkin.
Make a line of 10 blocks.
Put two blocks in each corner of the napkin.
Make an X on the napkin with blocks.
Make a T or L with the blocks.


For this game, you will need a small unlit candle and a carved out pumpkin. Ask your child to set the candle next to the pumpkin. Continue with other directions, such as:

Set the candle behind the pumpkin.
Set the candle inside the pumpkin.
Set the candle on top of the pumpkin.
Set the candle in front of the pumpkin.

Choose a favorite toy of your child and hide it while your child is in another room. Ask your child to come and try to find their toy. When they go in the wrong direction, hold your arms and say "brr, you're getting cold". When she goes in the right direction, fan your face and say "you're getting hot". Continue until your child finds their toy. Repeat, if she wants to or try reversing the roles in the game and have your child hide a toy for you to find.