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Summer is a great time to measure shadows and other objects outside.
Find an object in your yards such as a tree, a pole, a birdbath, etc. that make a shadow with the sun. Have your child lay out a piece of yarn on the shadow and cut it to the exact length.
Using the yarn length, have your child measure the yarn using a ruler.
Have your child measure the object again at a different time of day. Find out if the shadow got longer or shorter.
VARIATION: Your child can also measure things with her feet. How many "feet" is the shadow? Have your child walk along the shadow, placing one foot in front of the other and count as she goes.

Place a pan of water outside and give your child a set of plastic measuring cups.

Let your child experiment with pouring water from one cup into others.
Every once in a while, suggest a problem for him to solve; such as, how many half cups does it take to fill a full cup? Or how many ¼ cups can a full one cup fill?
EXTENSION: If you have a quart bottle available or a milk carton hand, have your child find out how many cups they can hold.


    Give your child 4-5 strips of flat ribbon, each a different size and none over 12".
    Have your child place the ribbons in order, one above the other, going from the longest to the shortest.
    EXTENSION: Show your child how to weight vegetables at the grocery store.