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Boy jumping over sprinkler

Here is a fun game for a hot day.  To play the game, you will need a small spray water bottle.

  • Choose one child to be the sun.  Give her the water bottle.
  • Have the sun stand in the middle of the yard, with the other children around her.
  • When you say “start”, the sun chases the other children.
  • If she catches a child, she squirts them with her water spray.
  • The sprayed child then becomes the sun and started chasing the other children.

You will need some large soup spoons and some water for this game.

  • Divide your children into two groups.
  • Have the groups form two lines.
  • The first child in each group is given a soup spoon.
  • Each child fills their spoon with water from a common pan of water.
  • When you say “Go” the two children with water spoons, walk, or run across the lawn and pour the water from their spoon into a glass measuring cup.
  • Then they run back and give their spoon to the first child in their group’s line.
  • Now, these two children each fill their spoons and run across to their team’s measuring cup.
  • The game continues, until each child has had a turn.
  • The winning team is the team with the most water in their team’s measuring cup.