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Here are a number of games to play using paper cups.

Set up six heavy paper cups in a triangle formation.
Give your child a small ball, at least 5” in diameter.
Show her how to roll the ball and try to strike the cups.
Let each person playing take two turns to knock down all the cups.
You will need to play this game outside.
Dig a small hole in your yard and place a large paper cup in the hole.
Give your child a small rubber ball or a real golf ball and a child’s pretend golf club.
Have him set the ball back about 3’ from the cup and try hitting the ball into the cup.
Alternative: If you don’t want to put a hole in your yard, or you want to play indoors, just turn the cup on its side and tape it down on the floor.
Give your child six paper cups.
Have her place three paper cups up-side-down in a line.
Then have her place two cups on top and one cup on top of the two.
Variation: Give your child ten cups and have her build a four, three, two, one pyramid.
Take four paper cups and tape them together.
Set the set of four cup on the floor.
Give your child a small object, such as; a ball, a wooden coin, a small toy, poker chip, cotton balls, dry kidney beans, etc.
Have him stand back about three feet from the cups and try tossing the object into the cups.
Let your child have as many turns as he wants or until he no longer wants to play the game.