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  • Fix French toast for your child.
  • Before serving, place a 2” cardboard heart in the middle of the toast and sprinkle on some powdered sugar.
  • A heart shape will appear on the toast when you remove the cardboard shape.

Variation:  Let your child help you help you decorate pieces of French toast by being the one to sprinkle on the powdered sugar.


  • Provide your children with large heart shaped cookies.
  • Set out some white and red frosting plus some large craft sticks.
  • Have your children use the craft sticks to spread frosting on a heart cookie for snack time.

Variation:  Set out some red sprinkles to shake on top of the frosting on the cookie.


Here is how you can make a heart cake for your children.

  • Make your cake as usual.
  • Then, instead of pouring it into two round pans, pour the batter into one round pan and one square pan.
  • Make a platter for your cake by covering a large piece of cardboard with foil paper.
  • Lay the square cake out on the platter , turned like a diamond shape.
  • Then cut the round cake in half and lay the two sides against the two top sides of your square cake.
  • Now frost as usual and you will have a heart shaped cake.


  • Make pretzel dough from your favorite pretzel recipe.
  • Place a large sheet of waxed paper in front of your child.
  • Sprinkle the paper with some flour.
  • Show your children how to roll a piece of dough to make a long stick shape.
  • Then show your children how to shape their sticks into large heart shapes.
  • Then let your children sprinkle some course salt or sesame seeds on top of their pretzels.
  • Place pretzels on cookie sheet.
  • Bake at 450 degrees for 12 minutes.


  • Using cookie cutters, let your children cut out hearts from pieces of bread.
  • Let them spread the hearts with tuna, egg salad or deviled ham spread, for small heart sandwiches.
  • Save bread trimmings for use in dressings, puddings or to feed to the birds.

You will need both dark bread and white bread for this valentine treat.

  • Take a piece of dark bread and a piece of white bread.
  • Then, using a cookie cutter, cut a heart in the center of each.
  • Now, take the two cut out hearts and switch them in the opposite bread’s cutout space.
  • Use the two pieces of bread for the tops of two sandwiches.