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Serve banana or carrot rounds.
Toast English muffins and serve with fruited cream cheese.
Bake round sugar cookies to frost.
Serve round crackers, such as Ritz.
Bake corn bread or banana bread in a square pan. Cut into smaller square pieces.
Cut sandwiches into 4 square pieces.
Serve square crackers with cheese spread, or square cheese slices.
Make gelatin finger squares by leaving ½ cup of the water out of Jello recipe and chilling in a square cake pan. Cut into mini jiggly squares.
Cut cinnamon toast diagonally into 2 triangle pieces or 4 smaller triangles.
Serve triangle crackers with cheese slices cut into triangle shapes.
Serve mini triangular pizza slices.
Make red finger gelatin and cut out heart shapes using a small heart cookie cutter.
Make heart shaped sugar cookies for your children to frost.
Serve rectangular French fries.
Serve graham cracker rectangles with white frosting on top.
Make a cake in a rectangle pan. Before cutting the cake have your children notice it’s shape.
Serve navy bean soup with oval crackers.
Serve deviled eggs or hard-boiled eggs sliced lengthwise.
Serve other beans with an oval shape.
Cut bread into diamond shapes.
Make diamond shaped finger Jello pieces for your children.
Cut a shape in a piece of bread with a cookie cutter. Then take another piece of bread, top it with a large cheese square and then place the cut piece of bread on top to make a shape sandwich.
Cut large cheese slices with a cookie cutter to make cheese shapes.
Look for crackers in the shape you are studying at the store.
Use pretzels to make squares, triangles and squares.