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Make up a large platter of fruit to share with your children.
Arrange the fruit in a rainbow color order.
Include red fruits, such as; raspberries, sliced strawberries, or watermelon chunks.
Include orange fruits, such as; mandarin oranges, orange slices or cantaloupe chunks.
Include yellow fruits, such as; pineapple chunks, sliced bananas.
Include green fruits, such as; green melon chunks, or green grapes (cut in half)
Include blue fruits, such as blue berries.
Include purple fruit, such as purple grapes (cut in half).
You will need clear glass or plastic glasses for this activity.
In the bottom of a glass place some blue berries and top them with a little vanilla yogurt.
Then, drop in some green melon pieces and top with a little yogurt.
Then, some pineapple chunks topped with yogurt.
Then, some cantaloupe chunks topped with yogurt.
And finally top off with some raspberries or strawberries to make rainbow sundaes.
Set out some rainbow colored raw vegetables on a veggie plate.
Use such vegetables as; cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, yellow and green pepper slices, and some purple cabbage pieces.
Serve with a dip and some blue corn chips.
Mix together the following fruit. When you serve the salad, have your children see how many colors they can find.
Raspberries or Strawberries
Yellow apple slices or chunks
Green grapes, cut in half
Purple grapes, cut in half
Small orange chunks, or Mandrin orange sections
Mix up some vanilla pudding from a box.
Divide the pudding into six bowls.
Have your children help you add small drops of food coloring into each bowl to create pudding the colors of, red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.
Set out small glasses.
Place a spoon in each bowl and have your children take a spoonful from each bowl and place it (one on top of the other) in their glass.
Then give each child a spoon and let them eat their rainbow pudding for a snack.

Here is a fun snack for a large group.

  • Make a variety of Jello’s in different rainbow colors.
  • In a clear glass, layer the different colors of Jello.
  • Give children spoons to eat the rainbow Jello treat.

  • Make a rainbow fruit salad for your child.
  • Add red and blue berries, small cantaloupe pieces, banana slices, green and purple grapes (cut in half).