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Set out large pieces of construction paper.
Glue on photographs of your child's extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.)
Cover the placemats with clear self-stick paper.
During mealtimes discuss who the people in the photograps are, where they live and how they are related to your family.
Talk about the times you have shared together, including experiences from your own childhood.

Fill a photo cube with photographs of your family.
Put the cube on the dining table.

During mealtimes, encourage your children to ask you questions about the pictures, such as, “When did Aunt Sara marry Uncle Mike? Where does Cousin Melissa live? Who do I look like?”

Change the pictures regularly.
Help your children gain a concept of the past and the present by making a time line to hang on a wall.
Include the date grandparents and other relatives were born as well as pictures of them.
Include pictures representing other important dates, such as, the invention of airplanes and computers.
Let your children add pictures of exciting events that have happened during their lifetimes.
Help your children learn about your family background by having an ethnic meal once a month.
Choose one cultural influence from your ancestral background and look through cookbooks to learn about foods native to that country.
Plan to have a meal with some of those foods and let younger children help make decorations for the special meal.
  Older children can research the country's customs at the library and share what they have learned during dinner.