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You will need a large plastic soda bottle, a utility knife and a pole to make this spinner.
Take the soda bottle and with the utility knife cut three vertical semi-circles, evenly spaced around the bottle.
Bend the cut portions out, to create three wings on the bottle.
Now take a 3-4' pole and stick it straight in the ground.
Next, turn the bottle up-side-down and place it on the pole.
Let your child watch it spin around when it is windy outside.
Give your child a sheet of construction paper to decorate.
Next, have her glue 2' strips of crepe paper on the back bottom half of her paper.
Then have her roll her paper into a tube for you to staple together.
Add a 12 inch length of yarn to the top of the paper tube to make a hanger.
Hang your child's windsock in a dry windy place and watch the crepe paper flutter in the breeze.