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Cut a shamrock shape out of a sponge or a terry washcloth. (Use a cookie cutter as a guide.) Moisten the shamrock sponge or washcloth and place it on a plate in a sunny window. Let your child sprinkle grass seed all over the shamrock shape. Have him check the shamrock every day and use a spray bottle filled with water to keep it moist. In a short while, your Fuzzy Shamrock will be growing green.

Cut off the bottom of a large potato and stand it on a plate. Make a face in the potato by carving out two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Scoop out a hole in the top of the potato and place two wet cotton balls in it. Let your child sprinkle grass seed on the cotton balls. Keep the seeds moist by spraying water on them every day. Have your child check her Potato-Head Leprechaun often to see if its green "hair" is growing. Once the hair has grown several inches long, let your child use scissors to trim it.

Variation: Instead of planting the seeds inside a potato, let your child draw a face on a plain paper cup. Fill the cup with dirt and sprinkle on grass seed.

Purchase a small shamrock plant (available at floral shops). Let your child take care of the plant by choosing a nice, sunny place for it to grow and by keeping it watered. Look at the plant with your child. What shape are the leaves? Are the leaves big or small? Does the plant have flowers? What color are they? Help your child make other observations about this special plant.

For this experiment you will need a white flower (a carnation works well). Prepare the flower by trimming off the bottom of the stem and making a 3-inch slit in the end. Fill a clear glass or vase with ½ cup water. Let your child help you add 20 drops of yellow food coloring to the water. Have your child guess what will happen when you add the same amount of blue food coloring to the water. Place the prepared flower in the green-colored water. Allow the flower to sit for several hours or overnight. As the colored water is absorbed through the stem, the color will travel up to the petals, turning them green.