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Set up a place inside or out, where your child can play in water. A large dish pan works well, as does a small swimming pool or infant tub. Below are a variety of items you can give your child to use in the water.

SPONGES - Give your child a number of different sized sponges to fill and squeeze in the water
SOAP - A dish of soap adds a fun element to water play.
MEASURING CUPS - Your child can experiment with measuring cups to see how many cups of one cup fit into a larger cup.
SPRINKLE BOTTLES - Poke holes in the bottom of one or two plastic tubs or bottles. The water sprinkles out when your child fills it with water.
MEAT TRAYS - Plastic meat trays or egg cartons make great boats. Give your child some small toys to take for a ride.
EGG BEATER - An old fashioned hand operated egg beater, is fun for children to use to stir up bubbles in a pan of water
TAPE - Tape a strip of wide tape across your child's water container. He can use this for a bridge. Boats can pass under it and cars can go over it.
ICE - Place some ice cubes in your child's water tub. They make for great "Artic" play
PING PONG BALLS - These balls can float across the water and they can also be blown across the water.

Let your child conduct experiments with items in their water pan. What sinks? What will float? You can set out items for your child or she can find ones for herself.
Examples: block, toy, ping pong ball, penny, spoon, feather, cork, etc.
A fun item for children to experiment with is whole fruit. Will it sink or float? You may be surprised!