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Cut a large bear shape out of tan felt. 
Use marking pens to add facial features.
Attach the bear shape to a felt board.

Cut out felt clothing for the bear for different types of weather.
Shorts and tank top for sunny days.
Wind breaker for windy days.
Sweater and slacks for cool overcast days
Boots and raincoat and umbrella for rainy days
Snowsuit, boots and mittens for snowy day.

Let your children take turns being the Weather person each day.First they check outside to see what the weather is like and then they dress the bear to go outside and play.
Recite the following rhyme to your weather person and have them respond.

Weather Bear, Weather Bear
            What do you say?
            What kind of clothes
            Will you wear today?

            My ____________
            I will wear today.
            When I go
            Outside to play!
                      Jean Warren

Give your child the job of weather announcer in your family. Make up a set of weather cards from index cards or white paper squares. Draw a simple picture of different types of weather on each card. Give the cards to your child and have him check the weather each day and place the correct weather cards (or cards) on the refrigerator or window sill.

To play this game, you will need one or two articles of clothing for each weather situation in this game

Examples: SUNNY - bathing suit and sunglasses
WINDY - scarf and windbreaker
RAINY - boots and an umbrella
SNOWY - mittens and a ski cap

To play this game you can use the weather cards from the previous game. Shuffle the cards and place them upside-down on a table. Have your child draw a card and then find one or two pieces of clothing that would be worn during that weather.

A great spelling game for young children is to spell five lettered words in versions of the song "Bingo".

Example: There's a weather, that I love and SUNNY is it's name-o.
S-U-N-N-Y, S-U-N-N-Y, S-U-N-N-Y and SUNNY is it's name-o.

Continue with verses about the other types of weather mentioned above.