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Holiday time is a great time to encourage your child to explore her five senses, of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting.

Help your child discover his world through his eyes.
   Let him help you choose holiday cards.
   Let him watch holiday videos from the past.
   Encourage him to look for signs of the holiday or season at stores.
   Let him help choose the colors of lights to string or decorations to hang.

Help your child discover her world through her ears.
   Have her listen for sounds of bells, are they high sounds or low?
   Listen to holiday music together.
   Help her to make a drum and use it to beat out the tunes of favorite holiday songs.

Help your child discover his world through his sense of smell.
   Encourage him to identify holiday baked goods by their smells.
   Let him help decide what spices or flavoring to put in holiday cookies.
   Call his attention to the smell of pine.
   Let him help choose the scents of your holiday candles.

Help your child discover her world through her sense of touch.
   Go on a trip to a fabric store and help her identify materials that are smooth, rough, soft, or ribbed.
   Play touch games with your child by searching for items in your house that are soft, hard, bumpy or smooth.
   Help your child identify foods that are hot or cold.

What a wonderful time for your child to discover things through his sense of taste.
   Ask questions of your child, such as, "Would you prefer a candy that is sweet or sour?"
   "Does the cookie taste like pumpkin or lemon?"
   "Are the nuts salty or plain?"
   "Which pie do you like best? Apple or chocolate?"