Plant growing

You will need a long empty wall for this project.  You can do this project with one child or with many.

  • First take pictures of each of your children’s faces, enlarge and print the pictures.
  • Cut out large 8-inch flowers from colorful construction paper.
  • Let your children glue their face onto a paper flower of their choice.
  • Now measure each child against the wall and mark with a piece of removable tape.
  • Tape the flower faces under the height tape mark.
  • Then add paper stems and leaves under the flowers to create a flower garden of your children.
  • Discuss the different heights of the flowers and encourage your children to use rulers to each measure their flower.


  • Let your children each plant a flower indoors or out.
  • When the flower stems start growing, have your children measure their flowers each week,  with a ruler to see how much they are growing.