Set up a bird bath or a bird feeder.
Have your children observe bird habits and patterns.
What do birds like to eat? Why are the birds splashing in the water?

Try to obtain a bird’s nest for your children to explore.
Have your children describe how the nest feels.
What kids of materials do the birds use to make their nests?
Take your children on a nature walk to listen for bird sounds.
Bring in a tape of bird calls for your children to listen to.
Bring in bird whistles for your children to try making sounds like birds.

Encourage your children to fly around outside like the birds smelling things that the birds might smell.
Concentrate on smells like pine smells, flower smells, spring blossom smells, etc.
  Set out some books for children to learn what birds like to eat.
  Set out small cups of seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower) for your children to eat as a snack pretending to be birds.