MATERIALS NEEDED: Egg carton (bottom half), egg shell halves, gravel, potting soil and seeds.
Have your child place one egg shell into each of the 12 carton compartments.
Next, have your child sprinkle a small amount of gravel in the bottom of each shell.
Now fill each shell about ¾ full with potting soil and sprinkle on a little water.
Now have your child make a small finger hole in each shell and place a seed in each hole.
Cover the holes and sprinkle on some more water.
Place the egg carton in a sunny place.
Water when the soil feels or looks dry.
Marigold seeds are usually easy for children to grow.
                                                                           Taken from Growing Child Newsletter (1988)

You will need clear plastic cups for this activity, small rocks, potting soil and some small plants.

  • One at a time have children come up and select a plastic cup.
  • Next, have them put a layer of small rocks on the bottom of their cup.
  • Then have them fill their cup half full with potting soil.
  • Next, have them make a small hole in their soil.
  • Then, select a small plant and place it in their hole, then press the soil back around the plant.
  • Finally, have each child pour a ¼ cup of water over their plant.
  • To make their terrarium complete, have them place another cup up-side-down on top, while you tape it secure with clear tape.
  • Have children place their terrariums in a sunny spot in your room.
  • Explain to your children how the plant is now in its own environment and will need no further watering.  Have them watch their terrariums for signs of water at the top of the cup.
  • Explain the process of how the water evaporates from the sun, then rises up to the top of the cup, then eventually, rains back down on the plant. 

You will need a glass jar for each child, some paper towels and some bean seeds.

  • One at a time have each child come up and take a glass jar.
  • Now, help them fold and wet three paper towels.
  • Place the towels inside the jar, around the perimeter.
  • Next, have the child select 4-5 bean seeds to place in their jar, between the towel and the glass.
  • Have the child fill the jar with ¼ cup water.
  • Have the children place their jars in a dark spot in your room.
  • Have children inspect their jars occasionally for signs of sprouting.
  • Occasionally, add more water to jars if they are nearing empty.
  • When the beans sprout and start growing out of the jar, move them to a sunny spot and check water daily.