You will need two sheets of waxed paper, some glue, some glitter and small fall leaves for this activity.
Give your child one waxed sheet of paper.
Have her spread glue all over the paper.
Place fall leaves on glued waxed paper.
Then brush a small amount of glue onto the top of each leaf.
Next, sprinkle on some gold or red glitter.
Finally, have her place the remaining sheet of waxed paper on top and press down hard.
Punch a hole in the top of the paper and hang it down from the ceiling and watch the fall leaves twirl around.
Cut out large leaf shapes.
Place globs of red, yellow, and orange paint on a paper plate.
Give your child some one inch sponge pieces to dip into the paint and paint their fall leaves by pressing paint all over them.
Encourage your child to paint each leaf with more than one color of paint.
Set out some finger painting paper for your child.
Place globs of red and yellow paint on the paper.
Encourage your child to finger paint through the globs and around his paper.
When the paper is dry, cut large leaf shapes out of the painted paper.

Have your children gather a small bag of fallen leaves.

Dry them out completely, then have your child crush them up.
Next, cut a piece of paper into a leaf shape and give it to your child
Have her cover the leaf shape with glue
Then, sprinkle on the crushed leaves.
Follow directions from activity above, but after collecting and slightly drying the leaves, have your child paint the leaves with tempera or watercolors.
Then dry completely, and continue as above.
Have your child collect 2-3 large fall leaves.
Have him glue the leaves onto one or more pieces of paper.
Then, give him a black marking pen and have him draw arms and legs coming out of the leaves to create leaf people.

Have your child collect 2-3 fall leaves.
Help her to tape the leaves to the top of a worktable. [Roll the tape, so that the sticky side is out, then place the tape under the leaf and press it onto the table.]
Next, have her lay a piece of white paper over the leaves and rub over them with the sides of unwrapped crayons.
Have your child collect 1-2 large fall leaves.
Then, have him lay the leaves on top of a piece of newspaper.
Give him some red and yellow paint to paint across the leaves.
Next, lay a piece of white paper on the table and have your child pick up their painted leaves and lay them up-side down on the white paper.
Have your child rub his hand across the back of the leaves, transferring the paint to the white paper.
Remove the leaves and hang up your child's leaf prints.