Set out paint dobbers in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Give each of your children a large sheet of heavy white paper.
Show them how to use the red dobber to make a single arch of red dots on their paper.
Then have them make arcs of as many different colors as they can.
Cut out rainbow shapes and hang them around your room.
Extension:  When paint is dry, add two or three cotton ball clouds at the bottom of both sides of the rainbow.


Cut out diamond shaped kites.
Set out some paint dobbers.
Give a kite to each child and have them use the paint dobbers to decorate their kite shape.
Add kite tails and hang the kites up in your room.

Give each child a black crayon and a piece of white paper.

Have children draw random black lines on their papers using large circular motions to create a design of loops.
Have children fill in each loop with a different color of dobber.
Give each child a piece of paper and one or two paint dobbers.
Have children place dots all over their papers leaving space between dots.
Then give each child a black crayon and have them connect the dots with the black crayon.

Give children a piece of paper and a small bowl of water.
Set out some different colors of dobber pens.
Have children take a dobber and gently dip the tip into the water.
Then have them slightly smash the pen onto their paper.
The water will splatter the paint out.
Repeat with other colors of pens.
The splatters will create interesting designs on the paper.
Variation:  These can make great fireworks pictures.

Set out different colors of dobber paint pens.
Set out pieces of heavy white paper (or watercolor paper).
Have children use the pens to make dots all over their papers.
Then set out bowls of water with paint brushes.
Have children dip a brush in the water and go over the whole paper, blending and mixing the colors.