Here are some simple objects to make with a paper towel or toilet tissue tube.

Take a small tube and make two downward slits across from one another at the top of the tube.
Then take a green paper plate and cut it in half.
Let your child place small stickers of birds or apples on the plate half.
Show your child how to place the plate half in the slits on the tube, creating a green tree with a brown trunk.
Variation: Give your child half of a white paper plate and let him color the top of his tree however, he wishes.
You probably made these when you were young.

Take two tubes and tape them together.
Have your child hold them up to her eyes to look through.
Variation: For colored glasses, attach small squares of colored cellophane paper over the tube ends, before taping them together.

Cut a one inch section of a cardboard tube for your child.
Set out some marking pens and let your child decorate his bracelet, however he wishes.
If the bracelet is hard for your child to slip on his hand, just cut one side in half, allowing it to expand enough to slip on.
Variation: Let your child spread glue on the bracelet and then sprinkle on some glitter.
Variation: Spread glue on the bracelet then use small pieces of yarn to make designs.
These are made just like the activity above.  Paper towel tubes work best for this project.

Place a tube with one end down on a paper plate.
Draw around the tube with a pencil.
Now cut out the circle on the paper plate.
Give the plate with the hole (mouth) on it, and some marking pens or crayons to your child.
Have your child draw two eyes, a nose and some hair on their plate to create a face with a hole for a mouth.
Take the plate and turn it over and attach the tube with some tape.
Show your child how to talk in the other end of the tube, to make his plate puppet talk.
Take a clean toilet tissue and cut out a hole in the top half of the tube.
Have your child draw some green leaves around the hole.
This tube is now a tree with a bird (or owl) living in a large hole in the tree;
Give the tree to your child and show them how to stick their finger up from the bottom of the tube and bend out of the hole.
Add eyes and a beak to your child’s finger if you wish with a black marking pen.
Encourage your child to talk to and for the bird in the tree.

Have your child glue the tops of tissue paper strips or ribbons to the inside of a small tube.
Next, let her decorate the tube however she wants, with markers, crayons, stickers, or pieces of cut tissue paper.
When she is finished, punch two holes at the top of the windsock and thread it with string or yarn.
Tie the yarn together and help your child hang it on a tree or pole outside.
Children also enjoy running around pulling these windsocks, watching the streamers fly.
Give your child a small tube and a piece of red paper cut to fit around it.
Have him glue the paper to the tube.
Then give him 4-10 star stickers to attach to the red paper.
Next, fold up a small piece of aluminum foil and cut it into ¼” strips.
Wrap the strips around the end of a straw and tape them in place.
Have your child insert the straw into the tube and show him how to move the sparkler up and down.
Variation: Red, yellow or orange tissue paper strips could also be used for the sparkler.