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Using a shamrock shape, cut medium sized shamrock shapes from heavy green paper.
Cut green tissue paper into 1-inch squares.
Set out small bowls of glue.
Give your child a shamrock shape and some green tissue paper squares.
Show her how to twist a tissue square around the eraser end of an unsharpened pencil.
Dip the tissue into the glue and then place it on her shamrock shape.
Encourage her to cover her entire shape with paper twists.

Using the heart pattern, cut out three small heart shapes of green felt.
Give your child the three heart shapes and a large craft stick.
Show your child how to arrange the three hearts together, points touching, to create a shamrock shape.
Help him glue the three heart shapes on one end of his craft stick.
Extension:  Add felt facial features to the shamrock stick puppet.  Let your child use their puppet as they sing shamrock songs.
Cut two 2-inch squares out of black construction paper and give them to your child.
Show her how to fold each square in half.
Then, show her how to cut a ½-inch square shape out of the middle of each fold.
Have your child open her squares to reveal two buckle shapes.
Use double-sided tape to attach the buckles to your child’s shoes when they are doing leprechaun dances.
Give your child a large sheet of white paper.
Place a spoonful of green finger paint on each sheet.
Have your child finger paint designs all over his paper. 
When he is finished, set out green collage materials, such as; green feathers, green pompoms, shiny green foil, green paper scraps, green Easter grass and green glitter.
Invite your child to create a collage by gluing the materials onto their finger painted paper.
Variation:  Begin this project by placing a glob of blue paint and a glob of yellow paint on your child’s paper.  He may be surprised to find green paint on his paper when he is finished finger painting.