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Set out some blue (background) and white construction paper, along with some glue in a small container and a glue brush.
Show your child how to tear a piece of white paper in half length-wise, then glue one of the pieces onto the bottom of a piece of blue paper.  This will represent a snow-covered yard or field.
Then have your child, continue tearing the other half of the white paper into small white pieces.
Finally, have your child glue the small pieces up in the sky to represent snow falling down.
Variation:  Have children draw trees or houses on their papers before adding the falling snow.
Set out a couple of magazines and have your child look for a picture of an outdoors scene.
Help your child tear the picture out of the magazine and glue it onto a piece of white paper.

Next, set out a large cardboard box and have your child place the picture paper inside on the bottom of the box.

Set out some white tempera paint and a paintbrush.
Have your child spatter paint on the picture, by dipping the paintbrush into the paint and then tapping the handle of the brush against his other hand or the rim of the box.
Let dry.
Variation:  Small plastic needlepoint squares can also be used to spatter the paint.  Have your child bush the paintbrush across the top the square held over the picture.

This is a great activity to use up old Holiday Cards.
Set out 3-4 holiday cards, which you have removed the back page.
Make a mixture of one part Epsom Salts to one part boiling water.  Let the mixture cool.
Have your child choose a card picture and using a small brush, spread the solution across the picture.
When the solution dries, it will leave a maze of frosty snow crystals across the picture.
Give your child a piece of paper and some crayons.
Have him draw a winter outdoor picture.
Then set out some white paint and have him paint snow on his picture.
While the paint is still wet, have him sprinkle on some white glitter.
You will need round coffee filters for this activity.
Set out some filters and some scissors.
Show your child how to fold a filter in fourths.
Then show her how to cut out small triangles along the folded edges of the filter.
When she opens her filter, she will see a delightful snowflake.
Older children can fold their circles into sixths creating a more elaborate snowflake.

Make large snowmen shapes using white construction paper.  Then have your children decorate them in one of the following ways.
Cover with glue and sprinkle on white rice.
Cover with glue and sprinkle on white cotton balls.
Cover with glue and sprinkle on white coconut.
Paint with white paint and sprinkle on white glitter.
Winter is a great time to let your child do chalk pictures.
Set out some blue or black paper and some chalk.
Let your child draw a winter picture, using the white chalk for snow.