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You will need a white light switch cover (available at hardware stores) for this activity.
Use a permanent black marker to write “#1 DAD” at the top of the light switch cover and “FROM (child’s name) at the bottom of the cover.
Have your child put on a protective smock and decorate the cover using permanent marking pens.
When dry, place the cover along with two small screws into a plastic zipper bag.
Dad can use this delightful plate for a night change holder.
Give your child a small paper plate..
Set out glue and some old magazines.
Have your child tear out colorful ads and pictures they like.
Give your child a brush and some slightly diluted glue.
Child brushes glue all over plate then covers plate with pictures.
Your child can cover the back of the plate also, if she wishes.
Brush more glue on top of pictures.
Let plate dry on a piece of waxed paper.
VARIATION: Instead of using magazine pictures, let your child cut or tear pictures from Father’s Day wrapping paper for this project.
Go for a walk with your child to search for a round, smooth stone, about 3 inches across. (Or provide similar stone purchased from a garden store.)
Have your child use a small brush to scrub the stone.
When the stone is dry, set out paintbrushes plus various colors of tempera paint.
Let your child paint the rock however he wishes.
Allow the paint to dry completely.
Then use an acrylic paint marker (available at craft stores), write a message on the stone from your child.
To seal the paperweights, spray on a clear art fixative, in an area away from your child.
You will need a 6” x 6” piece of colored poster board for each frame, plus 4 large colored craft sticks.
Have your child glue a small self photo onto a small 6” square of poster board.
Then, glue on a craft stick across the top and one across the bottom of the board.
Next, glue craft sticks on both sides of the board, across the ends of the other two sticks.
Glue one side of a folded piece of poster board (4” x 6”) to the back of the frame to help it stand up if you wish – or attach a small loop of string to the back for hanging.
VARIATION: Some children prefer to use a small glue bottle and individually glue each collage piece in place on their paper.