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Here are some creative ways to use left-over holiday cards for art projects. Before starting any of the following activities, take the cards and cut off the backs of the cards and discard.

Let your children make their own confetti.
Set out left over holiday cards and wrapping paper, plus a hole punch.
Let your children take turns punching out colorful confetti.
Place confetti in zip-lock bags and use for New Years fun.
Extension: Use the confetti to make a colorful confetti collage.
Here are some fun winter lanterns to make from holiday cards.
Show your children how to fold the card in half length-wise.
The give your child some safe scissors and have them cut slits from the fold over to ½ inch from the papers edge. Space slits every ½ inch.
When finished, have your child open their paper and wrap ends around to make a lantern shape.
Attach ends together with tape or staple them together at the top and bottom.
Hang lanterns down from doorways.
Variation: To make larger lanterns, attach two cut cards (of the same size) together.
You will need some yarn, a hole punch and some used holiday cards for this activity.
Take a card and then using a hole punch, punch holes (every ½ inch) around the edge of the cards.

Let your child choose a card to sew, then give her a 12 inch length of yarn.
Tie one end of the yarn onto one of the holes on the card.
Then wrap the other end of the yarn with some tape, to use as a needle.
Show your child how to sew around the card, going in and out of the holes.
For this activity look for cards with outdoor pictures.
First, have your child choose a card.
Then, set out some white glue and a glue brush.
Have your child brush glue across the entire picture.
Finally, have your child sprinkle salt across the glue.
Older children can use a smaller brush and just brush glue on certain areas they want to make frosty.
Many cards today come with raised lettering or shapes. Set these aside for doing rubbings.
First, have your child choose a card.
Set out plain white copy paper and have your child lay a sheet on top of their picture.
Next, have them make a rubbing of the raised picture using a paper-less crayon laid on itís side.