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You will need a small balloon for each egg; strips of plain newsprint 1” wide; plus white glue thinned with water.
Blow up the balloon and knot the end.
Place the glue mixture into a pan.
Dip the strips of newsprint into the glue mixture and wrap the strips around the balloon. Continue wrapping the balloon until all the balloon is covered a couple of times.
Let dry.
When dry, let your child paint her egg whatever color she would like.
Besides dying eggs, you can also have your children paint hardboiled eggs. Here are a few different ideas for paint.
Place a small amount of evaporated milk into several containers. A small cupcake pan works well for this.
Add a couple of drops of different food coloring into each container.
Give the container along with some small brushes to your child and have him paint his egg.
Place a small amount of condensed milk into several containers.
Continue same as recipe above.
The paint colors will be bright and glossy.
Paint colors may run together but that is ok.
Allow 4 days for the eggs to be completely dry.
Squeeze a few drops of food coloring onto a nonporous surface.
Use a small brush and paint egg with straight food coloring.
This is best for older children who can control a small paint brush.
Cut out 3 egg shapes from heavy paper.
Fold each egg shape in-half lengthwise.
Cut two ½ inch slits 1 inch apart in the middle of each egg.
Open eggs back up.
Set out some ¾ inch ribbon, approximately 24 inches long.
Have your child decorate 5-6 eggs with marking pens.
Then, have him lace the eggs onto the ribbon.
Tie the ends of the ribbon together with a bow to create an egg belt.
Give your child a large sheet of finger painting paper.
Place a glob of blue and a glob of red finger paint on his paper.
Have your child finger paint across the paper combining the two colors of paint.
When he is finished, cut his paper into a large egg shape.

Dying Eggs With Natural Dyes
Natural Dye recipes can be found at the Discovery Station.