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You will need white paint and black paper for this activity.
Set out a sheet of black paper.
Have your child hold up a hand with the three middle fingers together and the two other fingers spread out.
Help your child paint his hand with the white paint.
Then, have him press his hand on his paper.
The white paint on his paper, will resemble a ghost with open arms.

These mini ghost puppets are easy and fun for your child.
Help your child wrap white tape around five fingers on one (the non-dominate) hand.
Then, using a black pen, make eyes on the finger ghosts.
Have your child use the finger ghosts while saying the rhyme “FIVE LITTLE GHOSTS” (found at the Music Station – Ghost Songs and Rhymes
This is an old favorite, your child will love.
Help your child blow up and knot a balloon.
Then, have her drape a old white pillow case or small white sheet over the balloon.
Have her tie a ribbon around the covering and under the balloon, to create a neck for her ghost.
Have her draw on a face with a black marking pen.
Help your child hang her ghost from the branches of a tree or other high object.
This activity is like the one above but it is much smaller. You will need cotton balls and white facial tissues and rubber bands.
Have your child lay out a facial tissue.
Then, have him place 3-5 cotton balls in the center of the tissue.
Then have him pick up the corners of the tissue and wrap a rubber band around the cotton balls.
Secure the rubber band tightly to form a neck for the ghost.
These can be hung by thread all around your house.
Variation: Small twist ties or pieces of pipe cleaners can replace the rubber bands.