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You will need real feathers or paper feather for this activity.
  • Give your child a thin paper plate, some glue and some feathers.
  • Have her glue feathers sticking off the bottom half of her plate.
  • When dry, help her fold the top half of the plate down on top the bottom half.
  • Now, have her glue more feathers sticking off of this half of her plate.
  • When these feathers are dry, fold plate and make a slit across the fold about halfway between the middle and each side edge.
  • Lace some ribbon through the two slits and tie the feathers onto your child.
  • Now she can strut around gobbling like a turkey, with turkey feathers on her back.
You will need small colorful feathers for this activity.
  • Give your child a small handful of colorful feathers, some 2” yellow paper circles and some glue.
  • Have your child spread glue across a paper circle, then place small feathers around its edge.
  • Then glue another circle on top to cover up the feather points.
  • You can place these feather flowers on a bulletin board with green stems and leaves, hang them on fishing line down from the ceiling, or put yarn loops on the flowers and hang them on an indoor branch.

Here is a simple basket idea for your child to fill with colored paper fruit or flowers.
Take a paper plate and fold it in-half.
Hold the plate with the fold going up and down and cut across the middle to within one inch of the rim.
Then, move the scissors up to the top of the plate, one inch from the top. Now cut out a curved handle, one inch from the edge.
Remove the cut out section.
Open the plate and have your child use a brown crayon to create crossed lines on her basket. Then using the side of a paper-less brown crayon, have her go across her basket to color.
Pilgrim Collars
These are fun to make for your children to wear while they sing Thanksgiving songs.
Take a paper plate and cut out a pie wedge (1/6th of the pie).
Now cut out a circle in the middle of the plate large enough for a child’s neck.
Turn the plate over and place it around a child’s neck for a collar.